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During the past year, I was able to re-establish a business license, allowing me and the gang to provide services for both on line, and off line. If I am able to afford it, I will keep expanding and adding image archives. While I attempt to make history with that promise, here are some home made collages I'm proud of.

The Ifreeta collage was created 1 week after the Evangelion one. I was on a role, and didn't want to stop. The final file extraction (with the copyright info and signature image) was done on the same date. I hope to find the time and the ideas for more collages soon.

The Nebula images are part of a collection of images I created about 3 years ago. I am not releasing the most complete, or highest quality versions yet. It took me an afternoon and most of a night to construct the collection. If you're wondering how I made them, the following list shows the steps I used to create the images, otherwise, jump to the bottom of the page and grab the link, back to the viewing room.

Made the nebula background, using Corel Draw (ver 3, at the time)
create a "cosmic clouds" effect.
Export the image to a TIFF file - NO compression

Loaded the TIFF file into Photoshop (ver 3.0, at the time)
Used a "blur", and two "motion blur" filters.
One motion blur, horizontally, and the other, vertically.
Hand draw the stars using pencil tool
and paint brush (for the larger stars with points)
(yes, that was BY HAND ! )
Save the file under a different TIFF file name

Back to Corel Draw to make the planetoids
Make two circles for each planet
and use a blending option between the surface color and black
The inner circle should be smashed along the sides, but should touch the other circle
on the north and south poles (planet references).
Note: You WILL end up with blending on both the east and west sides of the planets
Note: The larger blue planet will have a little over-hang on the black blending circle
Export the image again, under a different TIFF file name

Almost there...
Back to Photoshop.
Use the magic wand to select a planetoid side you want to be shadowed
and select the entire side to be darkened. Fill it in with black.
Select the edges of the planetoids and do a "gaussian blur",
in order for them to be smoothened out and semi-blended with the background.
Save the file again, under a new file name (just to be safe).
Crop the unwanted, excess edges of the image
(blur run-offs from Photoshop and object over-hangs from Corel Draw are common)
Add that ever famous "lens flair" effect - just like "Babylon-5".

TA-DA ! Now, that wasn't so hard, was it ? - - RIGHT !!!...

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