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NEWS 05/09/02:

              The site has now moved (seamlessly) to a new home at and I feel that the site has come full circle. When I originally created this site, back in 1996, it was with an excellent outfit located in Texas, called Bestware, that later changed it's name to Miakon. Those were the good-old days - they were responsive, very helpful, and had very little down-time. When they got acquired by an outfit I care not to mention, everything went to heck. However, by this time, I got a job at a dot-com and managed to get my site hosted, with minimal cost to me… :P
              Then, my company got acquired by a telco organization, and, once again, everything started to fall to pieces. The primary problem was that my site was so popular, it stated eating a large amount of bandwidth (over 25 Gigs per month), and the before mentioned service kept track of it’s bandwidth. I was the top of their list, but not for popularity. I decided it was time to move on, especially if I was going to pay for the service.
              So, now the site is hosted by an outfit, once again in Texas, that charges almost exactly the same monthly fee that I use to pay for Maikon 6 years ago, with unlimited bandwidth, but with A LOT more HDD web space. I hope to soon exercise an renaissance with the site, change the image archive around to fit people’s screen size, instead of worrying about file size, etc. It’s comforting to know that The Albatross is still popular and appreciated, especially by the anime fans…

               I am EXTREMELY critical with the selections I make. The HTML (web page) code to present the images takes little effort. After passing my first inspection, it takes some time to scan, get the final file size within range, while, at the same time, struggling to keep the quality of the image at it's best. That's what I aim for.
               With the exception of the logo design, Albatross Productions does NOT own rights to any of the images presented and they are free to be used by anyone for non-profit purposes. Feel free and be my guest to take and use any and all image presented on this site. After all, this is what the web is all about... Isn't it? ENJOY!
- Stephen H. (The Albatross)

The following anime series are supported . . .

go to: Ah! My Goddess! images AH! MY GODDESS !

presented by: AnimEigo (US)
genre: Romance / Comedy
               A heart felt, 5 part OVA series, set in current / modern time. It's your typical young collage student - gets Norse mythos goddess as girlfriend - who eventually has to be recalled by the ALLMIGHTY (her papa-son), which makes for a very intense ending - that is, not 'till the poor young lad has to deal with her two sisters (the other goddess of fate).
               I was VERY limited to the number of art sources for this series. Then I struck gold with the acquisition of the 1999 calendar and the archive grew to almost 4 times it's original content! All in all, a cute story, with OVA quality art, and two rock'n sound tracks!

go to: Azumanga Daioh AZUMANGA DAIOH

presented by: GENCO / J.C.Staff (Japan)
genre: Comedy (just good clean fun!)
               I believe I read a review about Azumanga Daioh that stated: "Nothing happens in this sereis, absolutely nothing, and that is probably it's best appeal." In a way, I couldn't agree more. Azumanga Daioh was originally a simple 4-panel comic strip by Azuma Kiyohiko. What became of it is a 26 episode anime series that follows the day-to-day lives of a half-dozen high school girls - primarily within school, but this also includes 3 summer breaks, 3 school festivals, sports festivals, etc.
               What I found most appealing about this series is that, the boys in the classes are nothing more than window dressing and there is no emphasis on dating or getting intimate with the opposite gender. You literally feel like you are going through high school again, and, by the end of the show, you feel like you're giving a tearful goodbye to some old school chums [breaks out the tissue box again]. If you don't mind a cute factor, or two, or ten, and would be easily entertained by simple teenage situation comedy (NO sex and violence, mind you), rather than the typical blood and guts mecha stuff, then Azumanga is a huge breath of fresh air, packed full of extremely interesting, funny and lovable characters that will grow on you, for sure. As I stated above, good clean fun…

go to: Cowboy Bebop COWBOY BEBOP

presented by: Bandai (Japan & US)
genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Drama
               "What ever happens, happens..." or so goes the philosophy of Spike Spiegel. Even though it is set quite a bit in the future, this series is one of the first ones I consider to be Shakespearian anime – with a touch of a classic spaghetti western, a bit of good ‘ole Sci-fi, and all smothered in brass blues & jazz. It has it’s fair share of action, comedy, and sci-fi, but it’s underlining story is powerfully drama based, who’s ending will leave you nostalgic and craving for more. Even though there is a child element (or boy genius ?) in the character base, this is all-out, drag-out, guns ‘a blaze’n, fists ‘a fly’n, and spaceship engines ‘a roar’n, grown-up entertainment.
               The art quality for Bebop is incredible for a TV series, with some well blended CGI affects. The English dubbing that Bandai US did was among the best I’ve heard, with a well known cast of voice actors, like David Lucas (Spike), John Billingslea (Jet), Wendee Lee (Faye), and Melissa Charles (Eddie) – not to mention, quite a few cameo and guest vocalists. I’ll give a plug for the NUMEROUS soundtracks for this series, who’s credit goes to Yoko Kanno & Bandai, working with Victor/RCA, in bringing together some incredible talent from both sides of the Pacific. From blues, to lounge, to a touch of techno, the music for Cowboy Bebop has to be heard and enjoyed to be believed.

go to: El Hazard images EL HAZARD
The Magnificent World

presented by: Pioneer (Japan & US)
genre: Adventure / Comedy
               Created by the same production team that brought us Tenchi Muyo, this 7 part OVA series presents a fun-filled adventure, centered around a mystical world. A few high school students and a teacher get blasted through a dimensional door by a mysterious and beautiful woman, discovered entombed within the school's basement. Destination: El Hazard.
               This one is one of my top five personal favorites. I never got into the TV series, for, they changed the plot around a bit and re-did the look for a couple of the characters.

go to: Evangelian images NEON GENESIS

Please, no religious fanatics
e-mailing me in regards to the logo !

presented by: Gainax (Japan)
presented by: A.D. Vision (US)
genre: Action / Drama
               A young boy gets called in by his father, whom he hasn't seen for years. Without even a howdy-do, he is forced into the position of piloting a giant bio-mechanical machine, named EVA-01, against the mysterious, invading monsters, called angels. The Earth gets saved, and a high school kid becomes a hero. Incredible action, excellent character build-up, and beautiful art, makes this TV series look like an OVA release!

go to: Fushigi Yuugi images FUSHIGI YUUGI

presented by: Shogakukan (Japan)
presented by: Pioneer (US)
genre: Drama / Adventure

go to: Hayao Miyazaki (Ghibli) HAYAO MIYAZAKI

presented by: Studio Ghibli (Japan)
presented by: various (US)
genre: Adventure / Drama / Comedy
               I've always been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki. My first exposure to his work was "Castle In The Sky, Laputa" and a once dear girlfriend of mine deserves full credit for opening my eyes to this awesome genre. Laputa is still, to this day, my all time favorite anime. There is almost no disappointment in any of Miyazaki's creations and I especially find the orchestrations of Joe Hisaishi among the best soundtracks I've heard. I haven't had good enough material to present until I got my hands on the 2001 calendar. WOW! Nice images and I hope you enjoy!

go to: Macross Plus images MACROSS PLUS

presented by: Manga (US)
genre: Action / Mecha / Drama
               This 4 part OVA brings forth a new level of anime quality. By far one of the most visually and audibly stunning anime stories currently available, it is set 40 years ahead of the original Macross (Robotech) series. The story stands very well on it's own, bringing together one of the best compilation of music with awe inspiring art.

go to: Ranma 1/2 images RANMA 1/2

presented by: Viz Video (US)
genre: Comedy / Action / Drama
               If you haven't at least seen the first episode to this TV (and movie) series, GO DO IT! Ranma, and his father, Genma, have been inadvertently cursed, while training in China. Practicing their "Anything Goes Martial Arts" skills, each fell into a cursed spring. It goes like this: When Ranma get splashed with cold water, he turns into a she, while his father turns into a panda. After being exposed to hot water (via bath, shower, etc.), they turn back. Sounds twisted, I know, but this sets the stage for one of the longest running and most successful TV anime series in Japan. A well-rounded story line, centered on lots of diverse characters, with plenty of humor, drama, and fun.
               This is another one of my top five anime picks. I just had to "whip together" a little page for it. The unfortunate thing is that, like "Ah! My Goddess!", I have so little material for this brilliant series. With the exception of all the images coming from my collection of CD's, all I have to show for this series is a single poster, center stage on the anime wall of my room!

go to: Rurouni Kenshin images

presented by: Viz Video (US)
genre: Action / Comedy / Drama

               Kenshin, a ronin, or a roaming samurai, is confronted by Kaoru, a young woman that is desperately on the search for a murderer who is naming and dishonoring her family's dojo. Kenshin, having just arrived in town, quickly assures her that he is NOT the one she's after by showing that his sword is purposely sharpened on the wrong side and that it doesn't show signs of being used. At first glance, Kenshin gives the appearance of being a bit of a klutz and a buffoon, however, when he catches his sword out of mid-air with it's sheath, you suddenly realize that he's not all that he personifies. Kenshin comes though by helping Kaoru find the murderer and put a stop to his onslaught, however, Kenshin's past is a dark one. He was actually a well known battousai, or assassin, that helped the newly formed government of Japan get a foot hold. Kenshin is trying to put amends to his past deeds, but, all too soon, his past starts to catch up with him and even puts Kaoru in jeopardy.
               By far, one of the ultimate "feel good series" I've seen, Rurouni Kensin is a well rounded story, set just after the feudal years, during Japan's early government, and the character base is historically intriguing. I suggest you see the TV series first, and then see the OVA (called Samurai X in the U.S.). You get a better feel and respect for his past and why he became the legendary battousai in the OVA. Then, when you reflect back on the TV series, Kenshin becomes all that more respectable, when you realize how much he is trying to forget and leave behind his past.

go to: Tenchi Muyo images TENCHI MUYO!
aka: No Need For Tenchi

presented by: Pioneer (Japan & US)
genre: Adventure / Comedy
               Tenchi, your run-of-the-mill teen, disobeys his grandfather's warning, and tangles with a demon (Ryoko), who WAS locked-up in a tomb. Ryoko can fly, wield bolts of energy from her bare hands, pass (or crash) through walls, teleport, and disappear at will. Not bad for a legendary demon... It just so happens that high above, a desperate princess (Ayeka), from the far off solar system of Jurai, is looking for her long lost half-brother. After mistakenly being associated with the wanted demon criminal, Ryoko, Tenchi is imprisoned aboard Ayeka's ship. Why is he able to control elements of the princess' ship? How is it that Ryoko is a wanted criminal by the Galaxy Police, an organization who hasn't even associated them selves with Earth yet? Why am I telling you all of this?! Check out the first 6 episodes of this OVA series, you will NOT be disappointed. Then see the movie, you will be ASTONISHED !
               I lucked out, big time, when it came to collecting image sources for this series. 3 paperback art books, 2 hardback art books, a half dozen image cards, and soundtrack CD covers lead this archive to take up over 10 megs of web space, by itself ! The only draw back (gripe) I have in regards to this series is that, no offense, but, Pioneer does NOT know how to release a proper soundtrack. (that's supposed to be a HINT, Pioneer...)

go to: Wind & Cloud images WIND & CLOUD

presented by: Tamago
genre: Cinese Manga Series
               This is a popular manga series in China. Besides the two main characters, there is very little else I know, in regards to the this series. Put simply, I found the art astonishing and captivating. ENJOY!


go to: Others images
The title says it all.
Special recognition goes to Ben J. who provided the City Hunter images.


go to: Gorgeous Women images
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Re-scanned / construced and updated on 10/26/97.

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Almost ALL art books, image cards, and music CD's used to make this
image archive possible came from one single source:

Nikaku, Animart
NIKAKU, Japanese arts

Check out the home page of this fantastic and dedicated organization! If you would like your own copy of any of the sources I used, check the end section of each series I made a page for. Find an item number reference for each item and place an order with Nikaku. Tell them Steve from Albatross Video Productions sent 'ya!

Get this!... e-mail from Muddah J. - 02/09/97.

I forgot to thank you for recommending Nikaku in your site. The place is an
otaku paradise ( so to speak ) and the people are incredibly nice. Once I got
in, I was sweating even though it was pretty cold. Never woulda found it
without the notice. Thanks lots.

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